Some Final Shameless Self-Promotion for 2016

There are doubtless more than enough autopsies of 2016 taking place at the moment. Like most, I wasn’t over-impressed by 2016, a year that will likely go down in history as the one where raw stupidity prevailed, propelling us all up Shit Creek, not only without a paddle, but without much of a boat to speak of.

Yet on a personal level, I’ve had much to be thankful for in 2016, with many warm memories to reflect upon. Among the highlights was an opportunity to travel to New York and finally meet my friend and collaborator Christopher JC in person, where I had the singular honour of taking part in his wedding to his charming wife. While there, we conducted a number of interviews – some more informal than others. Definitely fitting into the informal category is the chat we had on my final night, where we covered Satanism in the broadest sense. We also drank each other’s health into the early hours, as may be somewhat apparent in my case, but I think the ideas flowed nearly as freely as the ale!

I feel such conviviality appropriate on a night like tonight, and hope you will forgive me posting something where I feel the presenter far too kind in his assessment of my humble abilities. Perhaps trying to live up to such generous praise might be a good aim for 2017.

Meanwhile, do check out Christopher’s excellent site, here, where you can find the rest of this discussion, plus a host of other interviews, essays, art and more on the subject of Romantic Satanism.