Happy Halloween!

I like to give some warning on here if I have any public appearances upcoming, but have been somewhat remiss this year. So I thought I’d use the opportunity of giving out seasonal greetings to outline some of my activities this Halloween and announce a forthcoming talk. In conjunction with York Explore, last Saturday we celebrated the 200th anniversary of the publication of FRANKENSTEIN with an immersive screening of the 1935 classic BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN. In the ruins of a medieval hospital no less! And as my next trick I delivered a talk on The Unnatural History of the English Vampire. Both events, I am proud to say, were sold out well ahead of time. Obviously, even if there were tickets, it would be impossible to attend either event without a time machine. But for those curious about the FRANKENSTEIN event, I wrote a supplementary article, that you can read here.

Meanwhile, it is still possible to attend my next talk, which will at the Abertoir film festival in Wales on Wednesday the 14th of November at 2pm. As some of you may be aware, Abertoir is an annual pilgrimage for me, and this year I’ll be asking Do Serial Killers Really Exist? If this odd query intrigues you – or you just like wonderful genre cinema – then check out the festival website here