Future Frights

Aber-poster-724x1024 As most of you know, I’m a big fan of horror, and make a point of visiting as many genre festivals as I can. A consistent favourite has been the Welsh festival Abertoir, and I’ve attended every year now since 2008, giving lectures at some of the events, and also covering them for sundry publications and websites. This year, I thought I’d deliver something a little more pithy and practical for my friends at Alchemy England. A lot happens over the six days of Abertoir, but I figured unless you were there, it’s the premiers of new films that are of most interest. Which upcoming chillers are worth looking out for in the coming months? So, if you want my recommendations for the most interesting, innovative and plain old wonderful indie horror that premiered this year, then check out my Alchemy blog here… thewitch-691x1024